WussIMG, the modular and decentralized image host that was built to last. In a world of political correctness and censorship, we realized that too many image hosts are a bunch of wussies. Others are cheapskates because of their utilization of expensive storage while promising their users a free service. And last but not least, some simply don't respect your privacy. We choose the name WussIMG to mock those who are too scared to host the best memes.


WussIMG is funded by a large stash of siacoins (and memes) which is what pays for the image storage on blockchain. Our centralized sites may come and go, or change over time but the images stays up no matter what happens. A few ads can be seen on the site, these are provided via referral links which pays us for refereed customers. We only apply ads from companies we use ourselves and know can be trusted.

Our values

We rely on a Christian foundation and strongly believe in free speech, and freedom from government tyranny for everyone.


WussIMG is powered by servers bought from many different providers and served from everywhere in the world simultaneously, all content is backed up automatically and regularly which means if we where to be nuked off the internet, we'll be back soon again. All images are hosted on storage blockchains such as Sia and StorJ, which means they're unaffected, even if this site goes down.


WussIMG is a non political site, we're not loyal to any party or ideology.