Privacy policy

WussIMG respect visitors privacy as far as possible, WussIMG collects only the information that is necessary to keep the site operational. No personal information is required to create an account. No account is needed to upload.


WussIMG is powered by Chevereto image hosting script and cached by Cloudflare. The software itself and Cloudflare sets a minimal amount of cookies necessary to keep the site operational. If you don't want cookies to be set, please disable third party cookies. Note that some features may not work without cookies allowed.

EXIF data

EXIF data is removed from every image uploaded, in order to protect your privacy.

Sub processors

WussIMG is one of soon to be multiple image hosting sites sharing the same decentralized storage infrastructure, no information is shared between sites, each site is simply a portal that allows visitors to upload images.

Server locations

WussIMG currently runs on 7 individual servers spread across the world, every server is placed in a carefully selected country outside of the 14 prying eyes alliance. This means we'll ignore any request to help trace the origin of an image.

Server logging

WussIMG servers runs on Nginx with all logging disabled. Servers are protected by various dynamic firewall rules in order to block intrusion attempts, without accidentally saving any trace of anyone visiting the site. Database and Images are hosted on different servers than the site itself.

Free of charge

We do not sell any personal information. Our primary income comes from donations in Siacoin, Ethereum or BAT cryptocurrencies. And a small amount of ads from companies we've been using over the years and can recommend. We do not serve ads from ad networks for privacy and security rasons.